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 * Established in 1973 *

Plant 1 is located at 26133 Highway 64 East in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.  The building sits at the Giles County and Lawrence County line.  Plant 1 was opened in 1973 and contains 10,000 square feet of manufacturing space as well as 3,000 square feet of office space on two levels.

Plant 1 houses our electroplating rack manufacturing area and the plastisol and polyethylene application departments.

Plant 2 was constructed in 1993 and originally contained 5,000 square feet of manufacturing space.  In 2001, we added 3,750 square feet of manufacturing space as well as a separate 1,200 square foot metal building to house a new plastisol bake off oven.

Plant 2 houses both welded products manufacturing as well as a second plastisol application system.  This system has the capability of coating racks over 11'  in length and 5' in width.

With over 21,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Pro Rac is large enough to handle any size job.